We believe that prayer, talking with God, changes things. Sometimes it changes us, sometimes it changes the situation. Sometimes these changes are huge, sometimes they are subtle.

Because we believe this, we talk with God a lot about Priorslee and the people who live and work here. We do this every day, praying for every street over the course of a month. The prayer diary we use for this is available on Twitter, @PCPPrayer, and on this website. We meet regularly with other people to pray for the area, and we also pray as we wander and drive around.

If you would like to come and pray with us, then make contact with us and we’ll let you know when the next meeting is.

If you’d like to explore prayer further, then trypraying has been designed for those who are not religious and don’t do church.  If this sparks questions about prayer that you’d like to chat over with someone, or if you would like us to pray for something particular then please do get in touch, either by email, or by phone, or you might want to post a request on our active website here.

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